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There are three fundamental parts to the effective management of a company’s risk:

  • Evaluate all the risks being faced and how they compare to its risk appetite
  • Determine the best strategies for managing those risks efficiently
  • Ensure that those risk management strategies stay in place and work

It is a continuous and challenging process that can only meet modern expectations with the support of a robust quantitative risk analysis software system. A company aiming to manage its risks effectively needs a software system in place that is unobtrusive, immediate, comprehensive, and transparent. That system should encourage everyone in the company to be part of the risk management solution – from shop floor worker to CEO.

The risk profile of a business is the sum of all its exposures, and that can only be determined if there is solid, defensible, quantitative information about the likelihood and severity of each important risk being faced. Without such quantitative information, one cannot verify whether the business is being run within the bounds of its risk appetite, nor is it possible to optimize its risk management strategy and compare the risk of different decision options with any meaningful level of precision.

Vose Software offers an integrated suite of state-of-the-art risk analysis and management tools that give decision-makers access to comprehensive and precise risk information, backed up by consultancy and training services to ensure that the quality of the risk management you envisioned becomes a reality.

Our Products


Communicating, managing and monitoring risks companywide

Pelican is a web-based risk management system that combines the ability to describe and quantify risks within your company and the strategy for managing them using bowtie analysis, with custom dashboards for monitoring and ranking risks.

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Adding risk and uncertainty to your Excel model

ModelRisk is the world’s most innovative and comprehensive risk analysis add-in for Excel. Use ModelRisk to describe uncertainty in your budget, financial model, sales forecast, or any other area you use Excel for.

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Adding risk and uncertainty to your project plan

Determine how likely your project will finish on time and within budget, or what delivery date and price you can safely commit to. Tamara imports project plans of any size and complexity from MS Project or Primavera P6.

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ModelRisk Cloud

Providing controlled access to strategic risk analysis models

A SharePoint-like environment for storing ModelRisk models. Models can run automatically according to a schedule, using the latest available data. Authorized users can create and store different scenarios from a model, and store and view the simulation results without interfering with the model itself.

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Quantifying operational risk exposure for financial institutions

StopRisk is a system of powerful mathematical and simulation software tools which we use to build quantitative operational risk analysis models customized to your company's specific internal and regulatory requirements.

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Create, edit and publish ModelRisk results

ModelRisk results can be shared with colleagues using the Results Viewer, but without having to share the ModelRisk model itself. Users can open a ModelRisk results file, explore the results electronically, create new graphs, copy and edit existing graphs and publish to PDF, PowerPoint, Word, etc.

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“Vose is integral to our ERM team’s (Risk) maturity journey”

Anand Sampath, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer
Dr. Reddy’s

Our Services

Technical support

Support for installation, upgrades and license transfer

We provide direct technical support without tickets, call centers or phone menus. Just someone who will help solve your problem as quickly as possible.

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Training for risk analysts and managers

Vose Software trainers are seasoned risk analysts, capable of adapting our training courses to your specific circumstances and bringing examples and exercise that are cogent and interesting.

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Consulting for business and government

Our roots are in risk consulting, providing decision-focused solutions to our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible, working across industries as diverse as human health and banking, climate change and nuclear power station decommissioning.

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Custom software

Building the risk app you need

The wealth of algorithms in our library, our experience in software development across many platforms and modeling environments, and our stable team of core programmers allow us to develop custom apps quickly and reliably.

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Every responsible company strives to understand and manage its risks effectively.

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